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Brass Tacks

Michael Pollack is a freelance writer and editor with a background in print and broadcast media and derivatives markets. Michael’s blog at Business21C will cut through the spin and noise to extract the essential points of financial and political issues making the news.

Latest Posts

Carbon tax: truth or consequence

18th Jul 2011

Michael Pollack unravels the carbon tax debate, suggesting it's time Australia stepped up to the plate in putting a price on carbon emissions.

Which social media is right for your firm?

19th Jun 2011

In his latest blog, Michael Pollack discusses perceptions of social media and considerations when formulating a corporate strategy.

Will we ruin the Internet?

15th May 2011

Ever more sophisticated technologies are enabling the military and corporations to manipulate online debate. Known as 'astroturfing', this phenomenon has the potential to compromise the integrity of social media and online interaction generally, writes Michael Pollack.

Is (optical) fibre good for you?

18th Apr 2011

At a projected cost of $44 billion, the National Broadband Network is the largest infrastructure project in Australian history. Michael Pollack argues that while bureaucratic hiccups and cost overruns might be inevitable, misinformation doesn’t need to be.

Nuclear energy’s clean little secret

27th Mar 2011

Firstly, I’m going to nail my colours to the mast and say that I’ve never been in favour of nuclear power.

The potentially catastrophic consequences of meltdown, the generation and storage of radioactive waste, high set-up and maintenance costs and… read more

Carbon tax. For or against?

7th Mar 2011

Given the amount of noise surrounding the debate in the past week, ‘No idea’ would be a fair enough answer. Michael Pollack covers the debate over Australia's proposed carbon tax.
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