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Associate Professor Simon Darcy is passionate about changing current practice through implementing the outcomes of his internationally recognised research on accessible tourism. He consults to all levels of government and private industry.

Simon Darcy

Simon Darcy is an Associate Professor in Events, Sport and Tourism at UTS, Sydney. He is also a core member of the UTS’ Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centre. Simon is an interdisciplinary researcher with expertise in developing inclusive organisational approaches to diversity groups. His research has spanned a variety of contexts including sport, tourism, events, volunteers, transport and the built environment. Simon has held grants with the Australian Research Council, Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre, the United Nations ESCAP, and has carried out research studies for all levels of government and the private sector. Over the last decade, his body of work on accessible tourism has gained national and international recognition. Simon is actively involved in changing government and industry practice through implementing the outcomes of his research. Since incurring a spinal injury in 1983 Simon is a power wheelchair user and passionately believes in the rights of all people to fully participate in all aspects of community life.

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